Upcoming Events

2015 City Event
Oct. 2 Berkeley, CA The Science of a Meaningful Life: Mindfulness, Connection, and Compassion
Oct. 9-11 Stockbridge, MA Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
Oct. 16 Bellingham, WA Northwest Behavioral Health IPA
Oct. 20-21 British Columbia Justice Institute of British Columbia
Oct. 29-30 Copenhagen, Denmark Mindful Brain - in Business, Health Care and Society
Nov. 3-4 Stavanger, Norway Emotions in Motion: From Affect to Disorder
Nov. 4-7 Berlin, Germany Young Presidents' Organization Parenting Conference
Nov. 13-15 Santa Monica, CA Mindsight Immersion Weekend
Dec. 5 Los Angeles, CA Consciousness, Quantum Physics, and Psychotherapy
Dec. 6 Las Vegas, NV American Association of Equine Practitioners