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Emotions are “Mentionable and Manageable”: The Mindsight and Kindness of Mr. Rogers’ Brain

In 1969, Fred Rogers, the creator and host of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, spoke at a United States Senate hearing in support of public television and successfully convinced the committee of the value for the much-needed funding for children’s educational television. In that presentation, Mr. Rogers stated that emotions can be “mentionable and manageable,” and demonstrated a deep compassion for youth and the journey for each of us as we grow toward adulthood with each other’s support.

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New Course: Presence, Integration, and the Cultivation of Well-Being in Relationships and Family Systems

This new course, launching on July 14 — and only available for a limited time — focuses on how making sense of our experiences and relationships shapes the way we interact with others and the world around us. Cultivating presence can help support important changes in neural structure that lead to integration, balance, happiness, and more rewarding and deeply connected relationships.

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The Art & Science of Living with Presence & Connection: A Special Training Retreat with Jack Kornfield, PhD and Dan Siegel, MD

Jack Kornfield and Dan Siegel will host a special retreat this January.

For the first time ever, Jack Kornfield and I will host a retreat for a small group in Santa Monica, California over the weekend of January 22-24, 2016. It will be a transformative, fun weekend, limited to 30 persons.

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Soul & Synapse

Imagine immersing yourself in a systematic exploration of the nature of mind that gives you a new way to experience life. And then consider that you can “integrate consciousness” at the same time as you are diving deeply into a new way to knowing your mental world. But how do you integrate consciousness? What could be differentiated in our experience of being aware? And how can we then link those elements of consciousness to one another? Continue reading