Healing Trauma


"This remarkable collection of articles summarizes much of the best current thinking on trauma, attachment research, neurobiology, and its application to psychodynamic psychotherapy.  It is an outstanding achievement."

- Beatrice Beebe, Ph.D., Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, NYS Psychiatric Institute, Columbia University

"This is an extraordinary book.  It provides an up-to-the-minute integration of attachment trauma and neuroscience.  Each contribution provides an essential chart to guide the therapist in understanding this most difficult group of clients.  Taken together, the chapters compose a veritable atlas mapping this world of the unbearable and unthinkable.  Without such theoretical and practical guides, the therapist working with trauma can become as vulnerable as the client she or he attempts to heal."

- Peter Fonagy, Ph.D., F.B.A., Freud Memorial Professor of Psychoanalysis at University College London and Director, Child Family Center, The Menninger Clinic, Topeka, KS

"This volume provides much more than a compelling set of models for healing trauma--it also delivers a state of the art account of the courses and consequences of trauma. The editors, Marion Solomon and Daniel Siegel, are to be congratulated for bringing together so cohesively some of the most powerful voices in the field.  This book will clarify understanding of trauma through eight chapters presenting the latest significant findings in neuroscience, developmental and clinical psychology, and psychiatry.  Those training or working with victims of trauma and their families will find this resource indispensable."

- Howard Steele, Ph.D., Director, Attachment Research Unit, University College, London, Editor, Attachment & Human Development

"[P]rovides fresh information and stimulating perspectives. It's an intellectual work-out that set me thinking."

-Will Handy, M.S.S.W., Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

"[R]enewed my enthusiasm for short term dynamically oriented psychotherapy...[A] worthy addition to my personal library and yours."

-Hilary Le Page, M.B.B.S., Canadian Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Review

"Trauma has returned to center stage in our clinical and theoretical thinking.  This book enriches our understanding of trauma from all the pertinent perspectives.  It will be invaluable for all in the field, both for treating people and thinking about trauma."

- Daniel N. Stern, Professor of Psychology at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, Cornell Medical School, Author of The Interpersonal World of the Infant