The Healing Power of Emotion


"This book--the fruit of a dialogue among eminent neuroscientists, clinicians, attachment researchers, and body workers--achieves a level of integration among these various disciplines that has not been seen before.  A magisterial achievement!"

- Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., The Trauma Center, Boston, MA

"Imagine that some of the most brilliant neuroscientific contributors to our understanding of the emotion and brain development teamed up with some of the most knowledgeable, creative psychotherapists alive, and really learned to understand each others work.  The result is this essential, palpably exciting, at times profound volume, which shows how to use brain-based insights, and inevitable emotions themselves, to foster mental healing."

- Norman Doidge, M.D., author, The Brain That Changes Itself

"A masterful, panoramic view of emotion.  This is an important and superbly done book, especially strong in balancing the clinical with the scientific."

- Daniel N. Stern, M.D., Honorary Professor of Psychology, University of Geneva,
Author, The Present Moment in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life

"It is gratifying to see this important new volume direct a long-overdue spotlight on the essential element of emotional change in psychotherapy.  This volume provides information on neurophysiology, phenomenology, and interactive dynamics that can benefit clinicians of all orientations."

- Francine Shapiro, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, California,
and Executive Director, the EMDR Institute, Watsonville, CA