The Mindful Therapist


“Dr. Dan Siegel absolutely gets It—the synthesis of psychotherapy and neuroscience—and translates It into engaging prose, pithy acronyms, and compelling practices. The Mindful Therapist is an irresistible, inspiring guide to cultivating our healing presence.”

—John C. Norcross, PhD, ABPP, President, APA Society of Clinical Psychology and Professor of Psychology, University of Scranton

“A brilliant look at what it means to do psychotherapy ‘with the brain in mind.’ Daniel Siegel's bold vision of integration—mind, brain, and relationships—has the power to heal. Take it in slowly and therapy will never seem the same again.”

—Christopher K. Germer, PhD, Clinical Instructor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School and Faculty, Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy Private Practice, Arlington, MA

“The internationally renowned Dan Siegel has written a truly wonderful book on the essence and process of psychotherapy. Developing his unique neurophysiological approach to empathy, mindfulness and change, and illuminating the importance of therapist presence, openness, attunement and resonance, Siegel writes with deep compassion, scholarly wisdom, transparent clarity and healing gentleness. This book is a source of deep reflection and learning, and a great gift to new and old therapists alike. Our understanding of the micro-skills of the therapeutic endeavor have been significantly advanced.”

—Paul Gilbert, PhD, professor of Clinical Psychology, Derby University, and author of The Compassionate Mind

“In my 40 years of practice, I can count on one hand the number of books I would call seminal. After reading The Mindful Therapist, that number just increased by one. Scientifically grounded, evidence-based, compassionate, and exquisitely human, this approach will fundamentally change the way we do psychotherapy. I hope everyone who practices our craft reads this book, and I hope they read it often.”

— Daniel Gottlieb, PhD, Host, "Voices in the Family," WHYY FM Radio

“[A]n in-depth resource, encapsulating both the essence and the process of a unique, neurophysiological approach to psychotherapy.”

— USABP Newsletter

 “[T]hose of us interested in mindfulness, both for ourselves and for our clients, will find this book a vault of new excellent resource and training manual....Siegel has set up the exercises to benefit both therapists and their clients; this approach gives even more value to the book....[C]ould be used by couples working through problems, professors attempting to better connect with their students, employees wishing to relate to their bosses, or even just everyday people seeking to improve their relationships with those around them.”

— Philosophical Practice