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PBS's This Emotional Life

Secure Attachment Webinar

with Dr. Dan Siegel

June 09, 2011

In this webinar, Dr. Siegel discusses why the best predictor of a child's well-being is the parent's self-understanding and also how attachment shapes the developing frame of mind.

[email protected] Series

Taking Time In

presented by Dr. Dan Siegel

May 26, 2011

Studies of physical health, emotional well-being, longevity, happiness, and even wisdom suggest that our ability to be aware of our own internal world and feel deeply connected to others is at the heart of both resilience and mental health. In this talk, Dr. Siegel explains that this ability to see the mind, or to have "mindsight," is a learnable skill that stabilizes the lens through which we come to sense our feelings, thoughts, and memories. He further explains how "taking time in" can help one develop mindsight, which promotes more meaningful and empathetic relationships, an integrated and flexible brain, and a coherent and resilient mind.

Domains of Integration

July 27, 2010

Special 57-minute bonus track from Dr. Dan Siegel.

The Mind, Brain, and Relationships: Integration as a Key to Mental Health

Keynote by Dr. Dan Siegel

March 23, 2010

In this keynote address on integrative mental health, Dan Siegel offers an overview of the process of integration as the mechanism underlying well-being in our bodies and in our relationships. Without integration, chaos and rigidity result. With the linkage of differentiated elements of a system--in the body or in our connections to others and the planet itself--we move toward integration. The result of integration is harmony. The mind can be harnessed to regulate energy and information flow in our bodies and in our relationships toward integration and create mental health.

Dalai Lama Center

Mindsight: Brain Science and Transformation for You and Your Relationships

May 19, 2011

Dr. Dan Siegel discusses Mindsight with the Dalai Lama Center.

Mindsight Book Signing

at Barnes & Noble

January 13, 2010

It was standing room only on January 13, 2010 at Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica as Dr. Dan Siegel talked about his latest book, "Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation."

Overcoming Trauma

with Dr. Mehmet Oz

January 29, 2009

"Witnessing a traumatic event is emotionally painful and can affect a person for the rest of his life, says Dr. Daniel Siegel, author of The Mindful Brain. Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Siegel about his book and about how people can cope with trauma by reframing the event into something that is a lesson rather than a painful memory."

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The Power of Mindsight

October 18, 2009

Dr. Daniel Siegel explores the neural mechanisms beneath social and emotional intelligence and how these can be cultivated through reflective practices that focus on the inner nature of the mind.

Google Personal Growth Series

Mindsight:The New Science of Personal Transformation

presented by Dr. Dan Siegel

April 22, 2009

As part of the Google Personal Growth Series, Google University recently invited Dan Siegel to address two crucial questions: What is the mind? and How can we create a healthy mind? In his talk, Dr. Siegel examines and explores ways to create a healthy mind, an integrated brain, and mindful, empathic relationships.

Blue Man Group

with Dr. Dan Siegel

December 11, 2009

Author Dr. Dan Siegel and the Blue Man Group illustrate the concept behind his new book "Mindsight".

The Hawn Foundation

Mindfulness Explored and Explained

with Dr. Dan Siegel

January 01, 2009

"Founded in 2003 by award winning actress, director and producer Goldie Hawn, The Hawn Foundation is dedicated to supporting children by advancing mindfulness training in educational and community-based settings." In this interview, Dan Siegel describes the fundamentals behind mirror neurons, mindfulness and how we can begin to shape behavior through mindful practice.

Connect with Kids

The Teenage Brain

featuring Dr. Dan Siegel

January 31, 2009

Founded in 1998, CWK Network, Inc. produces the Emmy® award-winning Connect with Kids television series – 10 programs each year, targeted to parents about the issues kids face every day. In this segment, Dr. Dan Siegel describes how relationships impact brain development and how understanding brain development provides new insights into adolescent behavior.

Sounds True "Insights at the Edge"

Podcast: What Makes a Healthy Mind with Dr. Dan Siegel

October 09, 2009

Tami Simon speaks with Dan Siegel on what it means to have a healthy mind.

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