Talk at Powell’s Portland

Power of Showing Up

January 17, 2020

California Institute of Integral Studies

A Journey into the Heart of Being Human

September 17, 2016

Clinical psychologist and interpersonal neurobiology expert Dr Dan Siegel is joined in conversation by Rick Hanson to take a deep dive into the mysteries of the human mind.


The Emerging Mind: How Relationships and the Embodied Brain Shape Who We Are

with Dr. Dan Siegel
July 11, 2012

What is the mind? From where and what does the mind emerge? Can our minds be made more resilient? What is ‘interpersonal neurobiology’? Astonishingly, over ninety-five percent of mental health professionals from around the world have never received even a single lecture defining what the mind is. Bestselling author of both academic textbooks and works of popular science, and currently the clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, Daniel Siegel visits the RSA to explore a working definition of the mind. Join Daniel Siegel as he outlines how the mind can be defined as an emergent, self-organizing process that arises from, and also regulates energy and information flow within the brain and within relationships with others. The mind’s functions in body and relationships will be described and then steps to strengthening this regulatory process of mind will be outlined as a surprising principle of mental health is revealed. Underlying both the neural and the relational pillars of a healthy mind is the process of integration – the linkage of differentiated aspects of a system. Cultivating integration within relationships and the nervous system means we can create the flexible, adaptive, coherent, and stable states of a resilient emerging mind.

Texas Christian University Frogs for the Cure and Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Fort Worth

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Lynn Lectures in Mindfulness and Integrative Medicine

with Dr. Dan Siegel
October 18, 2011

PBS's This Emotional Life

Secure Attachment Webinar

with Dr. Dan Siegel
June 09, 2011

In this webinar, Dr. Siegel discusses why the best predictor of a child’s well-being is the parent’s self-understanding and also how attachment shapes the developing frame of mind.

Special Audio Lecture

Domains of Integration

July 27, 2010

Special 57-minute bonus track from Dr. Dan Siegel.

Special Keynote

The Mind, Brain, and Relationships: Integration as a Key to Mental Health

Keynote by Dr. Dan Siegel
March 23, 2010

In this keynote address on integrative mental health, Dan Siegel offers an overview of the process of integration as the mechanism underlying well-being in our bodies and in our relationships. Without integration, chaos and rigidity result. With the linkage of differentiated elements of a system–in the body or in our connections to others and the planet itself–we move toward integration. The result of integration is harmony. The mind can be harnessed to regulate energy and information flow in our bodies and in our relationships toward integration and create mental health.

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