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Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation

The Body Intelligence Summit

Interview with Dr. Siegel

This interview is part of the Body Intelligence Summit, a free online event where you can learn from some of the most potent scientists, therapists, dancers and bodyworkers about how to become more deeply and beautifully embodied. For more information, please visit the Body Intelligence Summit website


Understanding the Teenage Brain

Australia Counselling

Interview with Dr. Siegel

Australia Counselling Founder Clinton Power interviewed internationally acclaimed author, award-winning educator and child psychiatrist Dr. Dan Siegel about his new book called Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain.

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The Power of the Teenage Brain

Mom Enough

Interview with Dr. Siegel

As parents, many of us are uneasy about how we will see our children through adolescence – how we’ll handle the times when they push away from us or engage in risky behaviors. But UCLA professor Dr. Dan Siegel sees a great opportunity in the teen years for parents and other caring adults to capitalize on the teenage brain changes and provide the guidance and encouragement that will move teens toward a vibrant, healthy adulthood. In his conversation with Marti & Erin, Dr. Siegel debunks common myths of adolescence, illuminates exciting changes in the teenage brain and offers practical tips for parents and teens.

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Dr. Daniel Siegel on No Drama Discipline

The Coaching Show

Dr. Siegel being interviewed by Christopher McAuliffe

Dr. Daniel Siegel shares about his work in neuroscience, review key concepts from his best selling book “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain” and redefine discipline for a new generation of parents.

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Mindsight, Interpersonal Neurobiology and How The Relationships We Form Shape Our Brains

Little Springs

Dr. Siegel being interviewed by Stephen Bukowski

In this audio you’ll learn: How to define “mindsight”? What is interpersonal neurobiology and how these two ideas relate to our human experience? The difference between the “mind” and the brain. How to recognize and acknowledge feelings and experiences without being consumed by them? What role does media play in how we view the world? Do we have an opportunity to shift the flow of information from a predominantly externally focused paradigm to one that helps us gain awareness of our own internal processes and attachments?

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Teenage Brainstorm

RN All in the Mind

Dr. Dan Siegel being interviewed by Lynne Malcolm

When you’re a teenager, life is on fire, wildly exciting with limitless possibilities. It can also be overwhelming and dangerous. In the past raging hormones have been blamed – but we’re now learning that it’s down to the very particular and important way that the adolescent brain develops.

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Teenagers Are ‘Crazy’ But Expert Says Behavior Is Vital To Development

National Public Radio

Dr. Dan Siegel being interviewed by Michel Martin

Teenagers are often seen as impulsive and moody. But psychiatrist Daniel Siegel says it’s time to rethink adolescence as a time of great opportunity, as well as challenge. Host Michel Martin speaks with Dr. Siegel about the teenage brain and his new book Brainstorm. Parents Leslie Morgan Steiner and Aracely Panameno join in.

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