Teenage Brainstorm

RN All in the Mind

Dr. Dan Siegel being interviewed by Lynne Malcolm

When you’re a teenager, life is on fire, wildly exciting with limitless possibilities. It can also be overwhelming and dangerous. In the past raging hormones have been blamed – but we’re now learning that it’s down to the very particular and important way that the adolescent brain develops.

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Teenagers Are ‘Crazy’ But Expert Says Behavior Is Vital To Development

National Public Radio

Dr. Dan Siegel being interviewed by Michel Martin

Teenagers are often seen as impulsive and moody. But psychiatrist Daniel Siegel says it’s time to rethink adolescence as a time of great opportunity, as well as challenge. Host Michel Martin speaks with Dr. Siegel about the teenage brain and his new book Brainstorm. Parents Leslie Morgan Steiner and Aracely Panameno join in.

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Brainstorm: The Power And Purpose Of The Teenage Brain

NPR: The Diane Rehm Show

Dr. Dan Siegel

Adolescence is universally recognized as a trying time for parents and children. But new brain research suggests this period of immature and often reckless behavior is more than just a stage for parents and teens to endure. It is a vital time for adolescents to chart the course for the adults they will ultimately become. One brain researcher points out that it is during our teen years that we learn how to navigate the world outside the safety of home, how to connect deeply with others and how to safely take risks. He says that by understanding how the brain functions, teens can improve their own lives and those of their parents. Diane and her guests discuss the power and purpose of the teenage brain.

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Study: To The Human Brain, Me Is We


by David DiSalvo

The findings back up an assertion made by the progenitor and popularizer of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Dr. Daniel Siegel, who has convincingly argued that our minds are partly defined by their intersections with other minds.

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The Whole-Brain Child: Innovative Strategies for Nurturing Your Child’s Developing Mind

Mom Enough

Interview with Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

We all have experienced those moments when our child’s ability to reason seems to fly out the window and raw emotion takes over. Maybe we counter our child’s intense feelings with words of comfort and calm. Or maybe our own frustration rises and we begin to spin out of control. This week’s Mom Enough guest, UCLA clinical psychiatry professor and popular author Dr. Dan Siegel, draws on recent brain research to offer an effective and innovative framework for teaching our children to understand how their brains work and use that knowledge to achieve balance, insight and strategies for coping with frustration, disappointment and conflict.

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