Dr. Daniel Siegel on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer

Studio 4

Interview with Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

Dr. Dan Siegel speaks with Studio 4 host Fanny Kiefer about Parenting for the 21st Century. Dr. Siegel provides strategies that promote the growth of neural circuits in children’s brains to support well-being, kindness and resilience. The information is designed for parents, grandparents and other adults who work with children and families.


Announcing the Healthy Mind Platter

Psychology Today

by Dr. David Rock

Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. David Rock got together and decided to create what they are calling the Healthy Mind Platter. This platter has seven essential mental activities necessary for optimum mental health in daily life. These seven daily activities make up the full set of ‘mental nutrients’ that your brain needs to function at its best. By engaging every day in each of these servings, you enable your brain to coordinate and balance its activities, which strengthens your brain’s internal connections and your connections with other people.

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Daniel Siegel Fills the House

Dalai Lama Center

Daniel J. Siegel

It was a packed house last night as Dr. Daniel Siegel visited Vancouver for Mindsight: Brain Science and Transformation for You and Your Relationships. Moderator Maria LeRose led an informal conversation with Dr. Siegel that touched on his beginnings in the medical field, his work with Mindsight and how we can use it in our everyday lives.

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Science of Transformation

IONS: Institute of Noetic Sciences

by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

How can we understand transformation in a scientific way? We could start by understanding the mind. The “mind” can be defined as an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information. So how would you regulate the mind? By developing the ability to see mental activity with more clarity and then modify it with more effectiveness. Dr. Daniel Siegel calls this ability “Mindsight” and says there’s something about being able to see and influence your internal world that creates more health. In this interview, Dr. Siegel will describe how mindfulness techniques are one way to monitor and modify our internal states and create integration, thus facilitating transformation into better states of health. This recording was produced by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which features the largest web library on conscious change. For more information, visit


The Case for Attachment Theory: The Verdict Is In

Psychotherapy Networker

by Alan Sroufe and Daniel Siegel

While many schools of psychotherapy have held that our early experiences with our caretakers have a powerful impact on our adult functioning, there have been plenty of hard-nosed academics and researchers who’ve remained unconvinced.

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The Neurological Basis of Behavior, the Mind, the Brain, and Human Relationships

Garrison Institute’s 2011 Climate, Mind and Behavior Symposium

Daniel J. Siegel

Dr. Dan Siegel discusses the neurological basis of behavior, the mind, the brain and human relationships and puts forth a method of expanding the sense of identity so as to include other people, species and the planet. He explains how the notion of “health” can be a means of linking individual, community and planetary well-being.